Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lesson 2

Todays lesson:
At this lesson we has to learn about the Ultra Sonic sensor.

First test
At the first test we has to test how the sensor reacts on different surfaces.

- Painted wood
We expect stable reading and long distance.

It was very stable and reached a measured distance at 180 cm.

- Cotton wall
We expect unstable reading and short distance.

It was very unstable and reached a measured distance at 100 cm.

- Window
We expect the same as wood.

It was stable and reached a measured distance at 160 cm.

Second test
At the second test we are testing how precise the sensor is, at this test we used the painted wall.

We moved the sensor away from the wall and noted the measured distance and the display reading.

As it is showed on the figure, the sensor is a little unstable close at the wall. Beyond 20 cm its quite accurate.

Third test
At the third test we tried to change the gain in the P regulated car.

Gain = 0,05:
We expect slow movement.

The car was regulating with slow movements.

Gain = 0,5:
We expect nothing, except it will move forward and backwards, this is the default gain.

The car was regulating with moderate movements

Gain = 5:
We expect the car will move forward and backwards like crazy.

It was not moving as fast as expected but still fast.

Gain = 50:
This time it must go crazy!

The car is moving very fast forwards and backwards, with out traction!

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