Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lesson 3

Todays lesson:
The lesson today is to learn more about the microphone.

We tried to use the microphone. For this we used the SoundSensor Class. To read out the value in dB, the function .readValue was used.

We also tried the datalogger program and plotted the data for a sound, see picture below

We tried the clap car example. It work like it should. We changed the thresshold for the activation soundlevel.

At last we looked at the clap controlled car. For this we looked at how does a clap look like, see picture below(recorded on a computer).

Then compared it with a clap recorded with the NXT, see picture below. The peak in the first 50 samples is NOT a clap but a different sound, the clap is between sample 80 and 150.

If we compare the to claps it is possible to see they look like each other, with a short and low start then a high peak, and then a "long" settling time. The reason for analyzing the behavior for a clap sound, is so the car won't react on every loud sound.

We ran out of time, so we didn't finished the clap controlled car.

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