Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lesson 1

The goal of today:
Was to learn the enviroment and install the programs. Run some excercise programs

What did we do:

Installed all the software:
- Mindstorm
- usbLib
- LeJos

Downloaded the samples/Tune - worked
Downloaded the Linefollower - didn't work

We had some problems install the software. On one of the computer got blue screen, after this was worked out none of the two labtops could connect via usb. It was solved by using bluetooth.

Everytime we tryed run the Linefollower program it made exception! After a couple of downloads it worked, we don't know what went wrong, mayby some errors in the transmession.

Now we had to try the LineFollower program, we expected it to follow the line witch it did. Then we had to experiment with the Fs (sampling time). We tryed 3 different Fs 10, 500 and 1000 ms. The default Fs was 100 ms.

Fs = 10 ms:
We expect the LineFollower to follow the line.

The car follows the line very closely. It changes the steering direction with a high frequency.

Fs = 500 ms:
We expect the LineFollower to follow the line with a steering direction at a low frequency.

It doesn't work accurectly. Sometimes but very rarely it finds the line. Fs is to high.

Fs = 1000 ms:
We expect it not to work.

As we expected it didn't work at all.

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