Thursday, December 4, 2008

Plan - steps to go through

- Analyzing light sensors: printing a gradient-map and a step-map. And see how the sensors react and get an idea of the uncertainty in the light sensors by using more than one sensor.

- Read papers about MCL.

- Write detailed description of the algorithm.

- Write detailed description of the problem.

- Map representation in java

- How to use the compass.

- How to use the navigation class.

- Learn to use the Bluetooth.

- Specify the API’s in the system. Take into account that the system or parts of it should be able to be use in a later project.

- Program the algorithm, Bluetooth communication, car sensoring, PC GUI.

- Specify 1- dimensional experiments.

- Make a 1-dimensional experiment.

- Specify full-scale experiments.

- Design a map or more maps

- Make full-scale experiments.

- Build the robot

Future work:

- When the robot have found it’s position it drives to a specified position.


- Bluetooth connection


- Map-representation.

- Sample position update.

- Importance update.

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